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Christine & Andrew's Floral Wonderland

Words cannot do this elegant wedding the justice it deserves. The floral arrangements by Dolce Fiore Los Angeles really helped create the whimsy feeling and overall wonderment at every turn for Christine and Andrew’s wedding and reception.


Finding the Best Freight Broker

A lot of freight brokers need software that incorporates different applications to maximize their business’s efficiency. Freight management software, also called transportation management software (TMS) can help these companies manage all aspects of …


Sometimes, we really just want to spice up our sex lives and still be safe. We will browse the internet, read magazines, ask friends for advice and tips on trying new things. We are sexual beings! And we are always looking for new and fun ways to have fun and safe sex.


10 Signs Your Toddler is Ready for Potty

Potty training for girls and boys is one of those writs of passage parents believe children should be ready for by 2 years old. Though toddlers develop the skills to become potty trained between 2 and 4 years old, there is no specific age determinant for when a child…

If you are looking for a watch that oozes style and sophistication, there are many factors to consider in your search. Price, efficiency, the look and feel—all important variables to consider when shopping for a watch that compliments your personal style. Seiko…

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Africans in America Are Not Strangers to Royalty

Many in the United States proclaimed Megan Markle to be the first Black royal of Britain. There’s just one problem. That may not be true.